Find out now how much Antimonium Tart can help you with whooping cough.

Sources and descriptions of Antimonium Tart:

The chemical mixture of antimony and potash produces a type of amla.Its liquid and powder are prepared for making medicine.Its powder is prepared with the help of milk sugar.Different doses of medicine are prepared according to the rules of Homoeo Pharmacopoeia.Mahatma Hahnemann tested the medicine with some associates. It manifests its power in the cerebral membranes of the stomach, lungs, and spleen, showing the main functions in the nervous system of the brain.Dr. Reckeweg Antim Tart dilution is a useful homoeopathic remedy for the treatment of weakness and exhaustion. It helps in maintaining a healthy respiratory system. It is effective for patients affected with feeble coughs and congestion in the chest, especially beneficial for infants and older patients

Characteristic symptoms of Antim Tart:

  • The patient's face is dirty, blue in color and covered with cold sweat.

  • Sore throat and cough with sore throat.The chest is full of cold but there is no strength to lift the cold.

  • The tongue is covered with a thin white clade and the papillae are slightly red but the edges are dark red.

  • The edges of the eyelids cover the mucus.The symptoms appear when you take a bath in cold water.

  • Every time wet weather actually causes cold in the chest, throat and trachea of the patient and it causes a lot of cold.

  • Symptoms of old age increase at three o'clock at night, the patient can not lie in bed to cough

  • Thirsty to drink cold water and drink a little at a time.

  • The patient cannot put any clothing on the neck or shoulders and sits on the bed to breathe at night.

  • Antimony tart is very effective if the child gets angry, cries and coughs and vomits while eating.

What you have to do?

Do you think your child is sympathetic to Antim Tart's symptoms?Then consult an experienced homeopathic doctor without delay. Your child's well-being is our wish.