Is your baby showing signs of cina? Please check it out now.

Cina's source and description:

Cina (Artemisia Meritima) is a homoeopathic medicine .Cina is a major medicine for children. This medicine is prepared from worm seeds . Another name for cina is Wormseed or Somraj Seed or Artemisia Meritima . These perennial evergreens trees have many branches and leaves under the branches. All these trees have flowers in their slender stems. The petals are ovate-sessile and dark brown-green in color. It has a very nauseating smell and a bitter taste . At the highest point of the branch, the shrubs of the flowers are very dense .All these trees flower in September . The medicine is known as wormseed but it does not contain any seeds .

Place of receipt and method of preparation:

It is widespread in Russia.It is produced in Asia Minor, Africa, various parts of Europe, India, America and Kashmir.It is abundant in the Kirmiz region of Turkey.The original disaster is produced by sprinkling milky sugars from a dry or flowering top of the Cina tree or Artemisia Meritima and with the help of alcohol.

Cina's child figure:

  • Its children are extremely upset and stubborn emotionally.

  • The touch is not decorative and the child is extremely annoyed for little reason.

  • He gets angry when someone approaches him and no one can look at him.

  • The patient always feels annoyed.If someone gives him something, he throws it away

  • It is not understood what the child wants.Wants to stay in the lap or eat the swing.

  • Teeth grind in sleep.The baby just scratches the nose.

  • The sleeping child cried out.The child repeatedly touches the genitals.

  • The child always sleeps upside down, cannot sleep in other conditions.

  • Instability, the tongue is often clean.Frequent swallowing and constant watering of the mouth.

  • Sitting biting another child while playing.

  • Always eats or does not want to eat anything.Day by day it gets thinner.

  • There is pain around the navel and water comes out of the mouth.

  • The patient loves to be alone.Emotional melancholy.

  • During sleep, the child urinates in bed.Urine is plentiful and has a strong ammonia odor.

What you have to do?:

Do you think your child is sympathetic to Cina's symptoms?Then consult an experienced homeopathic doctor without delay. Your child's well-being is our wish.